I am available for commissions for any kind of miniature, fantasy, sci fi, of historical, in all scales, or anything else you have in mind.

Over the past few years I have found it very hard to come up with a fixed pricing structure, this is because every miniature has a different level of detail, complexity, scale and style. Due to this variety I like to price every commission on its own basis.

A basic guide price for a standard 28mm infantry miniature is £50, this is a basic price and increases with the level of complexity, detail, and scale.

This price will cover the cost of painting the miniature to a high standard, cleaning the mould lines from the miniature, and basing the miniatures. Although the more detailed bases or plinths may carry a small extra charge. The cost of buying the miniature is not included in this price and neither are any postage costs.

I require a 50% deposit from anyone placing their first order, but for regular customers this is not necessary, unless you want me to buy the miniatures then I will have to charge a deposit, to cover these costs.

I also offer a discount for large orders, please email me for details.


If you are interested in having me do some work for you please contact me with the details, and I will be happy to go through them with you. We can then discus and negotiate a price for the commission that we are both happy with.


Payments will be accepted via PayPal or in some cases bank transfer.